The Aftermath of Church Burning Down in Copey de Dota – August 7th, 2017

Yesterday in Copey was one of the most crowded days I’ve ever seen in the village. People came in droves, by bus, by car, on foot and by both motorcycle and bike. We had a ton of ‘Looky-Loos’ lurking around staring at the smoking rubble where the church once stood.

All of our things in our house smell like smoke now. We spent the day dodging the traffic.

The firemen picking through the ashes found many of the bells and a iron crucifix that hung in the church. Several tv stations showed up and interviewed the priest and townfolks about the fire. Thankfully around dinner time it started raining very hard and it poured for hours on end. We watched huge clouds of smoke and steam rising from the ruins, but it is still smoking this morning. Likely going to be smoldering for a few days.

No classes in the high school on the church grounds for the time being.

I got locked into the house compound this morning by accident, but I was highly amused by the corvids coming down to steal dog food from Zeppelin, the landlord’s dog.

This morning I witnessed an incredibly moving scene, a church service held on the street next to the church. The entire community came together and the padre held mass out in the open. I was reminded of that scene in ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ when he sees the people coming together to sing ‘Welcome Christmas’ even after he’d taken every bit of Christmas away. My puny heart grew 3 sizes today.

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