The Church Burns to the Ground in Copey, August 6th, 2017

Last night Jim and I awoke to shouting voices, bangs, the squealing of trucks and car tires and police sirens. I assumed that is was just a drunken melee spilling over from the town’s only bar -The Kamakiri.

But when I tiptoed to the door and stepped out in my nightgown the heat of the fire nearly knocked me down. The Catholic church directly across the street was on fire and the house we’re living in was experiencing a blizzard of flaming embers. We got dressed as fast as we could, grabbed our passports and wallets (I grabbed my jewelry too) and headed out of the house, far down the street away from the flames and intense heat, sure that everything we owned in Copey were about to be destroyed and we would be homeless.

It took about 20 minutes for the fire dept. to get here from several towns away but there was nothing they could do except soak the school next to the church and keep the rectory from burning as well.

From start to finish it took about an hour for this nearly century old church to burn to the ground.

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